SILAS (Society for Irish Latin American Studies) conference will be in Havana in 2017.

Havana will have the honor to be host of the SILAS conference in 2017. President Ph.D. Margaret Brehony and Irish organizers committee choose this city because Cuba have many connections with the Irish presence, and will be the opportunity to re-find this. If you want know more datails, please visit:

Irish Caribbean Connections: An Interdisciplinary Conference MADE IN CORK.

In University College Cork (UCC), between 22-23 July 2016 I had the opportunity to share my experiences with my colleages in UCC. Ph.D Margaret Brehony, researcher about the Irish connetions with Cuba, focus on the accounts of 300 Irish railroad workers, contracted in New York in 1835, to work in Havana and investigate the many questions concerning their recruitment, their experience, and their survival/settlement on the island of Cuba. 

Dúnyer Pérez Roque exposed about the Irish presence in Cuba during the Spanish domination (1492-1898), and the influences and the ideas of the Irish during the independence wars (1868-1878 and 1895-1898). He had also published an article in Honda maganize (No. 35, Cultural Society “José Martí”, Havana, 2012, pp. 59-64) titled: Some Marti´s considerations about the Irish presence in American culture and politics.

Were two days very exciting we exploted at maximum. Many cards exchange, emails, social networks, and projects to the future. Next stop: Society for Irish Latin American Studies (SILAS) conference in Havana, February 16-18, 2017. Hope see you there!!!